User Service Guide! Read first!

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User Service Guide! Read first!

Post  Nightmaker on Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:20 am

This part of the forum is for people who wish to "work" for a reward from other users. But ofcourse there are rules to help you all on your way and i will give you some tips!


1. Don't Teach people how to hack! Unless a Middleman, Moderator or Admin says you can. Request if needed.
2. Don't Try to phish here! Teaching how is allowed though.
3. Don't request middlemen to keep an eye on you or your account or whatever! They don't have the time!

Example of services that can be offered:

@ Farming

@ Web Design

@ Hacking

@ Phishing

@ Testing

@ Teaching

And now for some helpful tips! MORE TO COME SOON!!!

@ Farming:
Be careful when letting somebody get on your account. There is a chance that they could get you banned or attempt to steal the account. I recommend that you ask around to check their trustworthiness and only give them the necessary information to log into your account. Never give them your DOB (date of birth) or the answer to your security question)
In the event of your account being stolen or banned as a result of farming there isn't much we can do. (since we can't have a middle-man watching the person constantly)


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