Middleman service READ ME!

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Middleman service READ ME!

Post  Nightmaker on Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:37 am

First of all If you need a middleman, PM them! The middleman are always ranked so you can see who the middlemen are! Also you can contact and admin or a moderator if there are no middlemen online.

Middlemen will not waste time in trading. If they feel as if they are having their time wasted they may stop the transaction and you will either have to request again or Trade without a middleman(not recommended)

Middlemen have the right to request payment if the transaction is risky or have to waste valuable time.

Transactions with real money require the Use of paypal! no other payment methods is allowed since paypal is unhackable. and the payment will be transfered to the middleman first just like other trades.

If you don't trust a middleman either ask an admin to complete the transaction or do it yourself(again not recommended)


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