READ>>>>> Guide to providing proper screenshot proofs. <<<<<READ

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READ>>>>> Guide to providing proper screenshot proofs. <<<<<READ

Post  Nightmaker on Tue Apr 05, 2011 7:58 am

Please take a moment and read through this little guide. Following these instructions will help you create scam reports with properly sized/uploaded screenshots, which will make it easier for staff to properly take care of your report.

Step 1:
Download Screen Snapr by clicking >> HERE <<

Step 2:
Install Screen Snapr, be sure you know where your icon is (I suggest putting an icon on your desktop)

Step 3:
After installing and running screensnapr, you will notice a little icon in your Task Bar (Example shown for Windows 7)

Step 4:
Taking screenshots and Basic Setup.

The default shortcut to take a screenshot is CTRL+1

After pressing your hotkey, your screen will turn grey. Click and drag your selection.(shown below)

Step 5:
You will receive a notification when your upload has been completed

Step 6:
Paste your upload link into your report.(or notepad while you compile all of your proofs.)
The default link will look like this:

In order to use IMG codes, you need to edit your link to look like this

Note the "V" was changed to an "E" - It's that simple.


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